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Precision rings, Incorporated (Pri) is a custom piston ring manufacturing company. Our seal and piston rings can be found in aircraft engines, power generation equipment and nuclear valves. Please visit the Piston & Seal Rings by Industries to find more information. Please also note that these lists are not exhaustive.  If the product you are looking for is not pictured, or if you have any questions about what is illustrated, please contact us. Engineering can be reached at 317-247-4786 or Precision rings incorporated looks forward to supplying a solution for your custom ring manufacturing and sealing requirements.

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Piston Rings

Over the 60 years of Precision rings incorporated existence as a custom ring manufacturer, many different types of rings have been designed and manufactured.  The most common types of piston and seal rings are illustrated. 


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Ring Gaps

Selection of the proper ring gap configuration is important in piston or sealing ring applications. Acceptable leakage rates, size of the ring, and type of assembly are factors that help determine the proper gap configuration of the piston or sealing ring.   Precision Ring’s engineering team can select the proper gap configuration for a specific application.   

Primary & Secondary Sealing 

In the case of an expanding ring, primary sealing is established between the outside diameter (OD) of the ring’s surface and the cylinder bore. Secondary sealing is created by contact between the ring's side face and groove wall.


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