Custom Piston Rings .200" (5.08mm)
to 100"+ (2,540 mm)
Since 1949

The leading designer and manufacturer of piston and seal rings since 1949

High Precision Custom Piston Rings & Seal Rings

Precision rings, incorporated (Pri) is a custom manufacturer of piston rings and seal rings. With years of experience and a thorough knowledge of our products and their applications, Precision rings incorporated provides our customers with the finest quality and responsive service. Precision rings incorporated has always remained true to our fundamental principles: quality, dependable service, and delivery.


Today, Pri's customer base spans the globe. Pri continues offering the best service available however, and is committed to staying abreast of technological changes to meet every customer's need.

3D abstract image of blown-out cogs and gears
Images of military helicopter and passenger aircraft

The critical piece of any successful organization is its people, their attitude, their expertise and ultimately, the results they produce. Precision rings, incorporated's production personnel take great pride in giving attention to every detail throughout the entire manufacturing process of piston rings and seal rings. This results in finished products that satisfy Precision rings, incorporated's high quality standards. Knowledgeable management, dedicated employees, and modern technology allow Precision rings, incorporated to fulfill the needs of the highly sophisticated industries served.

Seal & Piston Ring Industry Expertise

Precision rings, incorporated (Pri) participates in a wide spectrum of industries. Some of the more traditional markets served are aerospace & aircraft, power generation, green energy, military, and industrial. This encompasses the latest cutting-edge technologies such as advanced fuel delivery systems, deep underwater drilling systems, advanced engine propulsion, hypersonics, and deep space exploration.

Aircraft Carrier Hydro Dam Enlarged image of an Atom
Fan blades of a jet turbine Aerospace Shuttle in Space

Precision rings, incorporated will never waver from the total commitment to outstanding quality and complete service of piston and seal rings. Pri is confident this commitment enables continuous production of maximum results for the highly sophisticated, rapidly changing industries served.

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