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Precision Rings, Inc., manufactures custom piston rings and seal rings for a wide variety of industries, including power generation, aerospace, and aircraft, as well as myriad industrial valve applications. We manufacture custom rings for nuclear industry applications, such as power plants, submarines, and aircraft carriers. We’ve manufactured piston rings for numerous military platforms, as well, including weapons, helicopters, jet engines, and other vehicles.

Precision Rings manufactures specialty piston rings for the aerospace industry, and fuel nozzle rings and gas turbine rings for power generation applications. We are an approved seal and piston ring supplier for many NASA platforms, and are involved with alternative energy projects, including wind energy and coal gasification.

If your industry is not listed here, please don't hesitate to contact us — our engineering team will work directly with you to develop a custom piston ring that meets your exact requirements.

Aerospace Seals & Piston Rings

Precision Rings, Inc., has vast experience in manufacturing specialty seals and piston rings for propulsion systems and body applications in the aerospace industry. We surpass the competition in the production of top quality, high temperature seals and piston rings. Our engineers will review your drawings or prints, as needed, to help you determine the best sealing solution. Our aerospace seals and piston rings are subjected to demanding quality assurance processes and are built to meet all applicable FAA, DOD, and Mil-Spec requirements.

Aircraft Piston Rings & Seals

We are a leading aircraft seal and piston ring supplier, providing products to both private and commercial aviation companies. Applications for our aircraft piston rings include landing gear, doors, fuselage, de-icing valves, chillers, bleed air valves, and auxiliary power units. Our engineers have extensive experience in designing aircraft seal rings for a range of temperatures, pressures, and other environmental conditions. From prototypes to high volume production runs, all our aircraft seal rings go through demanding quality assurance processes and meet all applicable DOD, FAA, and Mil-Spec requirements.

Industrial Valve Seal Rings

For over 60 years, Precision Rings has been a leading manufacturer of industrial severe service valve seal rings. We have produced seal rings for numerous valve applications, always meeting acceptable leak rates mandated by customer designs. Our industrial valve seal rings have been used in high pressure steam systems, power plants, power generation, gas and oil exploration, and more.

Nuclear Seal Rings

We use a diverse range of stainless steels to solve various issues encountered when sealing hazardous gases and liquids in nuclear propulsion systems and pressurized water reactors. Our nuclear seal ring production processes are MIL-STD-2041 and MIL-STD-767 compliant, and all materials used are of US origin, with documentation available as needed.

Power Generation Seal Rings

Precision Rings manufactures custom seal rings for nozzle, retaining and exhaust duct applications in the power generation industry. Because nozzles for gas turbines need to introduce the combustion gases at a constant rate to operate efficiently, proper seals are crucial. Our seal rings will help you maintain optimal burn and cycle times, and reduce nozzle failure. Tight tolerances on seal rings allow power generation systems to maintain mandated exhaust standards, and our seal rings outperform target NOX output levels required by the EPA.

Steam Turbines

Precision rings, incorporated is able to custom design and manufacture piston and seal rings for high temperature and high pressure steam turbines. Our seal rings can greatly improve the performance of old and new steam turbines. Industries using steam turbines include Utilities and Municipalities, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Paper/Wood, Petro-chemistry, Steel, Mining, and Sugar and Ethanol Plants. Applications using steam turbines include Cogeneration Plants, Geothermal Plants, Waste Incineration Facilities, Solar Thermal Plants, Mechanical Drives, Ships, Off Shore Sites and Bio Mass Plants.

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