Custom Piston Rings

Precision rings, inc. manufactures a wide variety of custom piston rings and seal rings including expanding rings and contracting rings. The most common rings are illustrated below with a brief description, but please keep in mind we are not limited to the ring styles shown.  Precision rings can manufacture from an existing print or help you with custom piston ring design. Existing designs can be evaluated for potential improvement. Contact us to consult with our engineering department for proper ring selection or to inquire about a ring style not illustrated.

EXPANDING PISTON RINGS / EXPANDING SEAL RINGS: Used when the ring must contact the cylinder bore and the ring groove is in the piston. (Outward Tension)
CONTRACTING PISTON RINGS / CONTRACTING SEAL RINGS: Used when the ring's I.D. must contact the shaft or rod and the groove is in the housing. (Inward Tension)
ONE PIECE PISTON RINGS / ONE PIECE SEAL RINGS: The least expensive type of sealing rings and are available in many gap configurations.
TWO PISTON RING COMBINATION / TWO SEAL RING COMBINATION: Offers better sealing characteristics than a single ring.
THREE PISTON RING COMBINATION / THREE SEAL RING COMBINATION: Used when positive sealing is required. The inner ring effectively blocks leakage at the outer ring gaps.
PINNED PISTON RINGS / PINNED SEAL RINGS: Used in butterfly valve applications.
MARCEL SPRINGS ASSEMBLED: Sometimes used to help seat the ring and to dampen vibration.
MARCEL SPRINGS DISASSEMBLED: Sometimes used to help seat the ring and to dampen vibration.
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