Contracting & Expanding Rings for Power Generation

Precision Rings Incorporated manufactures custom seal rings for a variety of different power generation platforms. Examples include fossil fueled power turbines, steam turbines, nuclear power, wind power and hydro electric power. Potential applications include tidal power generation and bio fuels manufacturing.

Power generation covers the machinery and efforts used to generate electricity.  Electricity is generated by generators, which in turn are powered by turbines. Turbines can range in size from the very large  used by power plants, down to micro turbines, used by individual businesses and at disaster sites.

Precision Rings Incorporated has been designing and manufacturing expanding rings and contracting rings used in power generation for many years. We produce expanding piston rings used in the nozzles of large turbines, to seal different sections or stages, and in gearboxes. We also manufacture shaft seals for use in sealing a spinning shaft against a stationary housing. Commonly referred to as contracting rings, these rings seal on the inside diameter.

Please contact Precision Rings Incorporated for the custom design and manufacture of expanding rings or contracting rings for your critical power generation application.

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